Benefits of eLearning

Breaking down barriers.

Flexible Learning
Adult learners can access instruction during breaks, a lunch hour, or whenever they have a free moment. Being able to learn when and where it is most convenient for them makes learning fit their life despite the challenges of a busy schedule. Instruction can be accessed when the time is right for each individual adult learner.

Empowering and Motivational
E-learning empowers adult learners to take control over their own personal, professional, and educational goals. They can acquire new skills that will help them to further their careers or improve their personal lives on some level. They become active participants in their own learning experience.

Improves Knowledge Retention
Learning at one's own pace and on one's own terms boosts knowledge absorption and retention. Learners can spend as long as they like on a particular piece of content without feeling the pressure to move on as they may in a classroom setting.

Removes Risks That Limit Learning Potential
An eLearning environment takes the risk out of learning, because learners no longer have to worry about the fear of failure in public. When you remove this fear, the potential to acquire new knowledge and skills becomes virtually limitless. People are more willing to test their boundaries and to think of new ideas, or to learn through their mistakes, because they simply aren't afraid of being judged.

We regard learning as a fulfilling lifelong activity that should be as enjoyable and engaging as possible. We try to understand where the adult students are at various points in their lives to determine their learning needs. We believe that today’s reading builds a bank of knowledge to inform tomorrow’s reading and learning.

Since starting Think60 in 2010, many adult students have developed and improved their reading skills through our constantly expanding library of contemporary, interesting, relevant, and engaging reading passages and interactive exercises.

Our expertise also includes training teachers and tutors. In partnership with Literacy New York we developed online training that is used to prepare educators and volunteers to teach adult students.

We are student-focused. We are teacher-friendly. We are dedicated to changing the way curriculum and instruction is delivered so that programs can help more students meet their goals.

Mark Moscowitz has spent the past 40 years developing curriculum materials for students at all levels including adult learners and at-risk teens. Throughout his career, he has created content for thousands of students in most subject areas as well as GED, ESL, and K-12 test prep.

Andrea Woodbury has a degree in communication design and 25 years of publishing and teaching experience, Andrea brings a clear understanding of user needs to Think60's projects. She has designed numerous print, online and multimedia programs for adult students and older youths.

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