For nearly 10 years, Think60 has been developing online resources for adult learners, and literacy tutors and teachers of Adult Basic Education and English Language

Engage Your Students with Thinknology

 Mobile-friendly  •  Interactive  •  Read Online  •  Download and Read On-the-Go

Articles and stories about history, science, and life you'll find it all in the Thinknology Reading Library. A single subscription provides access to an ever-growing, unique collection written and designed specifically for adult learners.


"Many of my students are very reluctant and uninterested readers, usually. They are tearing through these collections and finding all of it very interesting. It’s really neat to watch as their instructor."

"I really like the articles in Thinknology. Especially the ones about science. I like to read on my phone!"

"I'm quite impressed with the content of the stories. I have a student barely at a 3.0 level, and he has really enjoyed the stories, though they have been a real stretch for him. They are truly themed with things adults care about."


Train Your Tutors with Intake to Outcomes

Quality Training = Successful Tutors = Educational Gain

Intake to Outcomes provides facilitated online training for tutors of adult learners. Workshops include Reading, Language, and Math Basics, Employability Skills, and Successful Tutoring

"With online training we're able to engage a more diverse group of volunteers. It costs us less and there is no waiting time. They can start their training immediately!"

"The material is well organized and easily accessible. Our new tutors have much more confidence and know what is expected of them."

"The online training offers the option of returning to the information and affords my tutors the option of immediate review."